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China, Canada and EU

Some Challenges of China Considering doing business in China? Do you wonder how things there are done or perhaps not done? The development of China over the last 35 years has been absolutely impressive, from rice fields and “Mao uniforms” to iconic and remarkable skylines, international fashion shows and shopping malls. At first glance, Chinese […]

Brazil, China and India

Brazil Business Basics International expansion for any business small or large is a huge and costly undertaking on many levels. In March 2010, the U.S. Commercial Services Department sponsored an outbound mission to Brazil for U.S. companies looking to explore opportunities resulting from that country’s award of both the 2014 FIFA and 2016 Summer Olympic […]

China and Germany

Trials and Tribulations of Doing Business IN and WITH China The most common difficulties regarding business in China ultimately relate to differences between American and Chinese cultures as well as applications of business philosophy (US capitalism vs. the work environment of China’s State-Owned Enterprises). Of all the issues that arise, none is more important than […]

Why “Culture Shock” Isn’t

Many people assume that plunging into life in a new country – either on an extended visit or a long-term overseas assignment – can be difficult, surprising and confrontational, otherwise known as culture shock. This sounds like there will be a wave of negative experiences and emotions crashing on the shores of existence for expatriates […]

Why You Need a Language Professional for Your International Marketing Plan

Having an international marketing plan in only one language could severely limit the reach of your brand. For example, both domestically and abroad, there are nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish. Think of all the customers who could be served by utilizing the services of a language professional for your international marketing plan. […]

Are You in the Top Five Industries That Rely on Translation Services?

Seasoned translators are the backbone behind many successful corporations. With language translation, businesses can reach wider audiences and offer their documents in multiple languages. The business world on the web is expanding its range of services to offer new tools that translate their apps and sites into many languages. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will soon […]

Go Global: Tips to Localizing Your Market for the Global Marketing

International Localization for Global Businesses   International Localization refers to the adaptation of a product, application or document content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market at a global level. No matter how prepared you are for a marketing campaign, failing to reach your target audience can lead to your demise. This […]

Gaining Your Share of $190 Billion

No matter what the wind from the White House, US exports each month from December 2016 to February 2017 were around $190 billion1. Yes, that’s Billion. World trade is not going to stop. The vast majority of US companies depend on it for products, components, services or income. Some 14 million US jobs exist due […]