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3 Strategic Ways to Target Broader Audience through Translation Services

The world suddenly became smaller when the internet emerged. E-commerce ascends as the need for every business to globalize arises. Transactions are a breeze even without considering the location. But one barrier for smoother commercial operation is language. Less than 10% of the world’s population are non-English speakers. The rise of translation services bridges the […]

Key Issues in Marketing Globally

Global marketing ands Globalization used to be important to only large, multi-national companies. But with rapid advances in communication technologies, global marketing communications are relevant to many businesses around the world. Whether you are in the beginning stages of expanding or an experienced expat, targeting a global audience is a nuanced and important aspect of […]

How Translation Services Effectively Attract Global Audiences

If you are looking to expand your business, translation services can entice a broader audience towards your website. A huge percentage of the world’s population does not speak English so there is a greater opportunity if you can reach out to local-speaking customers. From more technical documents to travel brochures for tourists, translating is the […]

Why Fear Shouldn’t Stop You

Fear. This is probably the main emotion preventing people from targeting ethnic US or overseas markets. In essence, if you can’t read or write a language, how will you know whether your translated brochures, manuals, websites or videos are correct? And if you are not certain, many people prefer to do nothing. But doing nothing […]

Translation Pricing

“How much is it to translate my 64 pages?”  As a full-service language agency, this for us is a common question with a long answer. Unfortunately, this is like asking what the rents are in your city. Just as you must know what neighborhood you are referring to; the kind of building you want (a […]

Potential Problems of Native Speakers

Many companies assume that they can rely on overseas distributors or in-house native speakers to translate their documentation or localize their website content. And of course your people will always say that their translations are correct. But if you don’t speak the language yourself, how will you really know? Can most Americans write a good […]