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6 Common Myths about Interpreters

Six Common Myths Debunked Interpreters are not all the same! Since most people from the President to the Media confuse the terms, let’s start at the beginning. When rendering concepts from one language to another, Translation deals with written communication; and Interpreting deals with spoken communication, whether for presentations, depositions, or personal or public meetings […]

Bloopers #1

NEW! Auerbach International is pleased to introduce a new series, Bi-weekly Bloopers, to brighten up your day. These are humorous mistranslations into English done by amateurs or software instead of professional linguists. Miscommunication can make your entire global venture fail. Your whole investment and reputation are at stake. Why would you risk it? Post Bloopers […]

Why Your Native Speakers Should Not Translate

Why Your Native Speakers Should Not Translate (But they can still help save you money!) Myth: Anyone who speaks a language can translate or interpret it. Reality: Translation is a very difficult skill requiring many years of training, usually at the college and/or grad school level. ——————————————– Your organization may have two kinds of people who speak […]

Need a Laugh?: Acculturations and Mistranslations

Need a Laugh? Acculturations and Mistranslations A Paris boutique sign announced, “Dresses for Street Walking.” This small example of a translation into English illustrates three points: The importance of professional human editing (QA review) by qualified and trained linguists to ensure accuracy. Reliance on amateurs, non-professionals, or machine translation (software) can render unprofessional and comical […]

What Not to Do in Global Business

What Not to Do in Global Business Major Brands’ Mistakes Cost Them Dearly Abroad “Cultural cruise control” remains a prickly pest in global commerce.  What is “cultural cruise control”? Simply put, it’s not modifying your company or individual behaviors for different cultures. Although translation of a company’s brochures, manuals, contracts and websites is an essential […]

Don’t blindly accept changes…

8. Don’t blindly accept changes by your translation reviewers When your company attempts to do business in other countries, its credibility is on the line with every translated legal, technical and marketing document you distribute. Prospective purchasers and end users know when your translations don’t “feel right.” And the first impression your documents make for […]