Translating, Interpreting, Transcribing and more.

Translating, Interpreting, Transcribing and more.

Over 1 billion words translated.

Certified Small Business • GSA GS10F0413X, SIN 382 1 Translation & SIN 382 2 Interpretation • DUNS number 783633365 • CAGE code 4KJY4 • NAICS codes 541930, 561410 and 512191 • PSC codes R608 and R603 • SAM registered.

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For almost 30 years, we have been translating, interpreting, desktop publishing (doing layouts), transcribing, dubbing, subtitling, doing multimedia production and culturally adapting anything from or into over 80 world languages.

And we do all this:

  • with the highest-quality Master’s-level linguists;
  • in any technical or non-technical subject;
  • with guaranteed accuracy; and

The translation process involves:

  • a native-language, subject-specific, professional translator;
  • a second subject-specialized, professional translator to do a Quality Assurance review;
  • proofreading for spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • formatting to match your original file; and
  • use of Translation Memory software to maintain consistent word usage.

Translating all kinds of documents: Manuals, Guides, Brochures, Contracts, Reports, Articles, Directions, Instructions, Forms, etc.

Interpreting for Meetings, Conferences, Escorted visits, Seminars, Presentations and Interviews. Consecutive or Simultaneous, with transmitters and headsets, Any subject, Anywhere: Local, nationwide or worldwide.

Localizing videos, software and websites.

Videos: DubbingVoiceovers and Subtitles.

Subjects covered: Everything from aerospace to zoology, simple or technical.