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Dear Profit,

Translating is converting written communication and Interpreting is converting spoken communication from one language to another. As the new year opens, we are delighted to present two services to facilitate both communication types.


AAT (Auerbach Automated Translation)

Auerbach Automated Translation (AAT) is our newest service to fulfill a quick need: to get the gist of what some document says or to put your words into another language when accuracy is not critical. Automated or Machine Translation (MT) is software that translates based purely on algorithms. Usually, the target-language grammar and word usage are not completely accurate, and the program can make comical mistakes. When perfection isn’t necessary, our new AAT service will translate your files for just $.06/word! Click above to learn more.

When you require guaranteed accuracy – such as for legal or healthcare communications and brochures, manuals, videos and websites to convey your professional brand — our full-service language solutions prepare any kind of file, simple or technical, into 120 languages.


OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpreting)

When you need to talk to a non- or limited-English speaker, OPI is a perfect solution. Calling a toll-free number and an assigned PIN, you either enter a provided language code or tell the responding agent your desired language. Within seconds you will be connected to an interpreter, and then can have a conversation with your client.

All calls are confidential, never recorded, and compliant with HIPAA rules for medical purposes. Best of all, you pay only for the minutes you use. No usage = No billing, with no monthly subscription. While the base rate starts at .99/minute, we offer discounts for volume and for nonprofits. Contact our project managers to enroll in advance and get instructions now so you’re prepared to use OPI whenever the need arises.


A Quick Language Tip

Translating and interpreting depend on accurate expression of the original language. If word usage or your word order is incorrect, your communications will be also. For example, a synagogue newsletter announced, “On Thursday, there will be a meeting of the Little Mothers Club. All women wishing to become Little Mothers, please see the rabbi in his private office.” Not exactly the message the synagogue wanted to convey. And even the most simple instructions can become humorous mistakes:


We look forward to serving your language needs to expand your communications to audiences at home or abroad… even those of you named Manuel.


Philip Auerbach
Founder, President & CEO
Auerbach International
CA Office – 415-592-0042 x107
PA Office – 267-865-6890 x107