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“I can’t translate my website yet. It’s being revised.” If I had a hundred dollars for every time I’ve heard that, I’d by now have a condo in Monaco.

The problem is that websites are rarely “done.” If you can or do derive revenue from other cultures or countries, you are missing tremendous opportunities if your website is not in other languages. According to Slator Research, 60% of people rarely or never buy from English-only websites. And around 72% of the world does not speak English.

Auerbach International offers a full spectrum of website translation solutions, with our usual fast delivery and A+, guaranteed accuracy:

  1. Full site: All pages and links;
  2. Abridged site: Home and contact pages plus key product pages; or
  3. Summary PDF: One or two pages about your company in multiple languages.

No. 3 is by far the fastest and easiest way to broadcast your organization in many languages at low cost, especially if your site is being revised. It’s the method we ourselves use to reach our audiences in Brazil and Spanish America.

Full or abridged sites especially may also need to be internationalized for your multi-ethnic or global markets by converting:

  • Content, colors and images to appeal to the target audience;
  • Dates and numbers (such as writing 23 February or 10 000);
  • US words, expressions or spelling not used abroad;
  • Prices and measurements to target-country usage; and
  • Methods of payment common abroad (such as pay-by-phone apps).

How to talk to non-English prospects

If prospects write to you in their native language, we will quickly translate their messages into English and your reply back into their language. And if you need to talk with them, our Over the Phone Interpreting service allows you to do so 24/7 for cents per minute.

Auerbach International

was honored to translate and subtitle The Great 14th, the oral autobiography of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, into Chinese and 20 other languages for its worldwide release in 2023. Nominated with five stars by Video Librarian as one of the Best Documentaries of 2023, The Great 14th “fosters empathy, understanding, and a deeper connection to the world we inhabit.” The film premiered in Taipei and was released on December 8 in theaters across Taiwan to wide acclaim, breaking all box office expectations.

Website bloopers

Please NEVER rely on Google or any AI-only solution. AI works best only when edited by professional translators such as ours. These groups did not follow the rule:

  1. An Australian skin lotion was supposed to “Hydrate, lift and firm” a user’s skin. Instead the translation into French became “hydrates, elevator and enterprise.”
  2. A town in Galicia, a region in Spain with mixture of languages, promoted its “Rapini Festival” to celebrate a vegetable similar to spinach. Instead, the Google version promoted the town’s “Clitoris Festival.”

For a free consultation on cost-effective website or film-conversion solutions, please call or contact us.

Thank you,

Philip Auerbach

Founder, President & CEO

Auerbach International

Headquarters – 415-592-0042 x107

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