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Bringing Bioscience and MedTech Firms to the U.S.: Karina Sotnik, CEO of WorldUpstart

Karina Sotnik

Summary: Episode 60
The US is one of the world’s most difficult markets to enter and navigate, particularly for biosciences and MedTech firms. But it is also among the most lucrative if done correctly. Karina Sotnik of Philadelphia-based WorldUpstart explains the many issues that even the most seasoned global executives don’t realize: venture funding, regulations, managing the 52 possible governments to deal with, the huge amount of competition, talent acquisition…

Brazil. Not for Beginners. With Danila Palmieri of Connect Solutions

Danila Palmieri

Summary: Episode 59
Brazil, the world’s fifth-largest country by size and population, is a huge market full of opportunities. It is not the easiest market to penetrate. Atlanta-based, Brazilian native Danila Palmieri presents critical issues of the country’s culture starting with what you may ask when interviewing employees, to the importance of establishing personal relationships, labor laws, leadership, and ways that Brazilian businesses adopt strategic planning. Danila also…

Focused Offers, Structured Processes, and Executing Targets: Zoltan Vardy and The Launch Code

Summary: Episode 58
US-born and London-based Zoltan Vardy has closed more than $2 billion in sales over the last 30 years, mainly in the TV industry and for hi-tech, entrepreneurial, B2B startups in over 25 countries. He joins us today to share his process for generating recurring revenues and scaling sales globally by applying his sales and marketing blueprint called The Launch Code. Zoltan’s business development approach is built on focusing your offer and message…

E-Commerce, Cross-border trade, and China: Joshua Halpern of Getting to Global

Summary: Episode 57
As a former American commercial diplomat in Beijing to facilitate US-China trade, Joshua Halpern presents a wealth of insights about e-commerce companies and the many factors they must consider to operate worldwide. But with the abundance of support companies that handle all of issues, the process has become far faster and easier. Josh also presents ways that companies find overseas venture partners when they have no previous experience…

Turning Leaders into Global Talent Magnets, with Kim-Adele Randall of Authentic Achievements

Summary: Episode 56
London-based Kim-Adele Randall has spent over 25 years transforming professionals so their businesses can reach the next level of global growth. Her experience and lessons have built unstoppable sales teams for multi-million dollar / pound companies, and leaders who naturally draw talent. Kim explains why asking “why” questions is very detrimental, how to rephrase them for positive outcomes, how to focus on facts rather than emotions, learning through stories, how facial expressions are universal even …

US Entrepreneurship in Poland: Michael Klepacz of Natural Materials Unlimited

Imagen Auerbach podcast-Michael

Summary: Episode 55
What are some challenges for an American to establish a manufacturing facility in Poland, a country more risk-averse than most? Michael Klepacz uses the advantages of a low-cost country to pay 20% more than the minimum wage but illustrates the sometimes lack of personal responsibility, the “good enough” mentality, “not connecting the dots” and the “ghosts of Communism.” Nevertheless, he would rather be nowhere else and in a country with…

Keys to Taking Products Abroad with Zach Person of Borderless Business Solutions

Auerbach podcast

Summary: Episode 54
When taking products abroad or when bringing overseas products here, certain principles apply. Zach Person explains experienced foreigners’ misconceptions about the US … even if they think they know they know the US well. Zach highlights the importance of using qualified reps and distributors, understanding regional differences in all countries, localizing product content and translating it, how many years to commit, the process for smaller companies, the…

Coaching Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries with Nadine Reichenthal

Zach Person

Summary: Episode 53
With her extensive background training entrepreneurs in developing countries, Switzerland-based Nadine Reichenthal presents many fascinating stories about business in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kenya, Benin, and Burkina Faso to China, Israel, and Ethiopia. Which two countries are the perfect test markets for many new products? Why is primary market research harder in certain Asian countries? From shoes and chocolate to credit cards and colors, what primary…

Social Media, the Chinese, Americans, and Goldfish. Digital Media writing with Tamar Hela

Summary: Episode 52
Bali-based digital media writer Tamar Hela hails from California, has worked and taught in Shanghai, and served clients around the world. In this episode, Tamar explains why persuasive writing needs to tell stories and evoke emotions; compares Chinese learning and writing styles; and presents four ways that Chinese social media writing styles differ from those of Americans or the French, tips for writing for global audiences, and ways to…

How to Market a Global City with Zabeth Teelucksingh, President of the Global Philadelphia Association

Zabeth Teelucksingh

Summary: Episode 51
What does it take to market an entire city vs. a company or product? Ms. Zabeth Teelucksingh is President of the Global Philadelphia Association through which she helped obtain the designation of Philadelphia as a World Heritage City. Home of the United States’ most famous UNESCO world heritage site, Zabeth explains that a globally-centered region increases knowledge of workers and real estate values and encourages educators and…

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