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120+ languages.
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Your words, culturally adapted

Celebrating 30 years serving clients in all sectors …

Private (start-ups to Fortune 100s); public (local, state and federal governments); and nonprofit.

With expertise in industries from aerospace to zoology, Auerbach provides many added benefits:

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Brands We’ve Served

What People Are Saying

“Over many years Auerbach International has done complex and technical translations for our overseas military customers.

Unlike others, Auerbach could produce Postscript data in the characters of various languages. Our projects have included Cambodian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese texts. In each case the finals were delivered with speed and accuracy.”

“Auerbach International did a superb job

[producing] 15 very technical manuals into Russian on a rush basis. They also translated some contracts from Polish into English, also when we needed a really rapid delivery. The Auerbach people were always very helpful, gave me lots of personal service and attention, improved on distributors’ translations, and pointed out some inconsistencies. I can rely on them even if my projects are not rush and to make my company shine.”

“The Washington office was so impressed
that these [Thai, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi] posters were shown to the President at the White House. We would naturally trust Auerbach international with any future projects to do translations, layouts and printing of whatever we need.”

For over 10 years, translations are one aspect of my job
that I simply do not have to worry about. I submit extremely complicated materials to be translated and laid out per a very rigid specification and it all ‘just happens.’ I send one email with what is required and when it’s due, and then I can forget about it. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.”

Japanese companies wonder how to find a good translation agency
that can handle multiple languages quickly and simultaneously. Unfortunately, there are not many that can be relied upon. The quality of your translations was superb. We were able to run our project smoothly by having chosen your company. Thank you very much.”

Our now enhanced multi-lingual website
worked flawlessly from the start. We received numerous compliments from [overseas visitors] who were surprised that this could be done so well and so quickly.”

I would solidly endorse Auerbach, based on the excellent relationship
my organization has had with them over the past years. Their work with us has helped us better understand and assist our non-English speaking and vision-impaired clients within our community.”

I’m impressed on the quality of the translation…
you don’t even find that perfection in catalogs where the native language is Spanish.”