Our global translation and marketing services include:

  • Translating any content from or into 80 languages with professional methods that guarantee success;
  • Identification of countries to target and strategies to penetrate them; plus
  • Accuracy, speed, precision and award-winning personal service – all for clients who appreciate value.

Over 20% of all company profits are channeled into The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation™ to dramatically improve the planet and its peoples.


Anything written, spoken or electronic into 80+ languages with guaranteed, acculturated accuracy; fast delivery; and award-winning personal service.

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Identifying countries that need what you offer plus strategies and cultural cues to make your venture succeed.

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Brands We’ve Served

What People Are Saying

Over many years Auerbach International has done complex and technical translations for our overseas military customers.

Unlike others, Auerbach could produce Postscript data in the characters of various languages. Our projects have included Cambodian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese texts. In each case the finals were delivered with speed and accuracy.”

BAE Systems

“Auerbach International did a superb job

[producing] 15 very technical manuals into Russian on a rush basis. They also translated some contracts from Polish into English, also when we needed a really rapid delivery. The Auerbach people were always very helpful, gave me lots of personal service and attention, improved on distributors’ translations, and pointed out some inconsistencies. I can rely on them even if my projects are not rush and to make my company shine.”

Ebara International

“The Washington office was so impressed

that these [Thai, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi] posters were shown to the President at the White House. We would naturally trust Auerbach international with any future projects to do translations, layouts and printing of whatever we need.”

OSHA San Francisco