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What you get when contracting with us

Launched in December 2018, with us you can do well and do good.  A portion of all company profits is channeled into our Foundation. The US alone has over 1.5 million nonprofits, of which around 785,000 are donation-seeking public charities. While they all do outstanding work, around 50,000 are forced to close every year. That’s a huge loss of opportunities for all our communities.

India has another 1-2 million nonprofits and the rest of the world has the same number. The failure rates are even higher.

The AGIF, at, is a nonprofit for nonprofits (an NGO for NGOs). We provide funding, marketing and learning resources — including customized social media campaigns, courses, passive income streams, and many other solutions — in a unique, one-stop toolbox to empower nonprofits to succeed and thrive. Enrollment is totally free!

Thank you for making a positive impact that can ripple to millions of people worldwide.

Some 30 years ago, we invented the most rapid translation delivery times and interpreter sourcing in the business. Since then others have copied us. While flattery is very nice, you benefit from our miracle deliveries that others said are impossible. And while we can’t do it every time, 95% is a pretty good record.

You can actually get around 120, but we prefer to be modest. Some languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic and Chinese have dialects. You can get those too, and we’re not even counting them in our list. If you don’t tell us which dialect you want, we will ask you. Your projects must have the correct vocabulary, sentence structure and expressions so that you radiate with your target audience.

A.I.I. is certainly more than yet another translation agency. We provide DTP (desktop publishing / layout) in all foreign languages; software localizations, website localizations, internationalization and cultural adaptation for your target market; onsite or video consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services; telephone interpreting 24/7 into over 300 languages; as well as ASL interpreting and video remote interpreting. Plus, you can benefit from our country knowledge and Global Marketing strategies to know how to expand overseas. Contact us today for detailed information about our services custom tailored to your needs.

As mentioned above, our multimedia translation expertise allows you to get your websites, videos and movies localized into any language.

You can rest assured that your website or visual media will have words that work (such as country-specific vocabulary), words deleted or modified (such as country-specific slang or expressions) that don’t. References to a country-specific person or event in the original that will not be understood in the target language will be explained in the translated context.

You can also sleep easily knowing that the colors, images, nuances, cash-receiving methods, coding, and more all apply to your target country. No video script? No problem. We will transcribe it first. Then, our multimedia translation service allows you to get it subtitled or dubbed, with voiceover talents for any language.

You can easily see our phone number and emails to contact us. If we are here, we answer our phones (or will call you back ASAP). We want to talk to you and want to serve you. Our reliability is part of our value. And we have three independent ValueStar awards for customer satisfaction to prove it. Do others?

Almost always, you get a quote from us within 48 hours and usually within 24 or the same day.  You will also get rapid confirmation that we received your files so you know they were not lost in cyberspace.

You can benefit from our almost three decades of experience in Law, IT, Agriculture, Healthcare/Medical, Dentistry, Telecom, Manufacturing, HR, Government and Retailing. However, from us you can also get most any subject from Aerospace to Zoology. That’s because we always form teams of linguists who know your industry terminology.

If you are a non-profit, you benefit from automatic discounts to support your mission.

What works here (such as cold calling) may not work there. In addition to our expert international translation service, we will help you discover which countries are ripe for your organization as well as the strategies to enter them. You can also learn negotiation methods and cultural cues (such as never pointing the soles of your shoes toward another person) to help your overseas expansion succeed.

Extremely simple words or actions can doom your million-dollar global venture. On the language side, you should never talk about “creating” anything when translating into Arabic. That’s because in strict Islam, only God, not people can create.

In Spanish, “coger” can mean “to get, grab or take” or it can mean “to fornicate” depending on your target country. Imagine if you say, “I xxx the train” in the wrong context. Culturally, the silent person in your meeting could be the decision maker. And having four samples of anything is the wrong number in East Asia. Please rely on our international translation and global marketing services to make you shine and ask us to cue you in before your trip.

Countless times over almost 30 years, we have advised clients why their desired approach will not work and suggested one that will, prevented cultural gaffes, reversed clients’ inappropriate global marketing strategies, stopped mistranslations that totally changed the context, and have responded to urgencies and emergencies. While we make your life easier, our service can make us gray. That’s an occupational hazard. But don’t worry. We do not charge you for hair dye or salon appointments.