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We offer audio, video, subtitles, and plain text transcriptions in more than 80 languages thanks to the collaboration with our accredited transcriptionists.
It can take an inexperienced transcriptionist up to 8 hours to transcribe an hour of audio! Is it really cheaper to waste this employee’s time than to hire a professional who will do it faster and with 98% accuracy?
Although it is true that on the Internet you can find transcription programs that will facilitate this process, this is not enough for an inexperienced person to develop a quality work in an optimal time.
Keep in mind that in order for the transcription to meet its objective, you must first be clear about what type of transcription you need.

Auerbach International provides audio and video transcribing services with the same level of exceptional quality and rapid delivery as our other services. Our services include:

  • Legal transcription of prisoner, plaintiff or defendant interviews;
    transcribing depositions;
  • Films, videos and movies before translating them into other languages,
  • Transcribing business meetings; market research interviews and more.
Whether the file involves multiple speakers, diverse accents, an unknown dialect, or contains background noise we can provide transcribing services. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.
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