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With video translation services becoming an increasingly common tool for online news, marketing, communication and entertainment, an international business can’t afford to go without video translation services to reach an international audience. Whether it’s for subtitles or for a voice-over, Auerbach International can help. Current business owners and managers would agree that video is a powerful part of the customer experience, but you may be surprised to see the numbers behind this assertion: Search Engine Watch reports that video influences 73% of viewers to purchase.

Video translation services accurately translate video files. The most common video translation services are video to text, where a video file from one language is translated and transcribed to text in a different language. Voice over (or dubbing) is another popular video translation service where audio from one language is translated and recorded into audio in a different language.

Businesses that work internationally or with clients who speak different languages may benefit from translation services. Companies that frequently require translation may employ in-house translators- which is fine as long as they are trained in translation and not simply native speakers-but still utilize these providers when working with less common languages for large projects.

At Auerbach International, we offer video translation services and it’s important that we understand your resources (video, audio files, scripts, etc.) and what you are looking to achieve with the final product. Are you looking for voice over, subtitles, audio files, multi-lingual video, etc.? It’s possible you don’t know yet and our team can discuss your business goals with the video and make you aware of the latest technology for your international clients. We can then provide a comprehensive quote and ensure a quick and accurate completed project.