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While translation refers to written communication, Interpretation refers to spoken communication.

Interpreting services we provide:

  • Consecutive (speaker speaks, then interpreter interprets);
  • Simultaneous (interpreter interprets while the speaker speaks). Please see our overseas conference success story;
  • On-demand with a video connection;
  • Pre-scheduled video interpreting;
  • Onsite in North America or worldwide;
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • VRI (Video Remote Interpreting for American Sign Language)
  • OPI: Over-the-Phone Interpreting.

To ensure your success:

1. All our interpreters:
· have professional training (such as Master’s-level interpreting degrees), which means we do NOT use amateurs, students, or language professors;
· have over ten years’ ongoing experience, which means we do NOT use recently certified or “qualified” linguists;
· are specialized in the industry terminology of your meeting
· are fully bilingual in both the original and the target languages.

2. Cost-effective suggestions to meet your budget and timeframe;

3. Equipment solutions (whisper transmitters or sound booths) for seminars or conferences; and

4. State and Federally certified interpreters for court cases and depositions.
PLUS a 95% success rate working miracles– finding skilled professionals with just a few hours’ notice (although we do appreciate when you don’t make us gray).


Four-day Allergan conference in Rome: 14 European and Asian languages; 28 pharmaceutical-speaking interpreters; eight two-person soundproof booths; a Bosch-Phillips digital infrared interpretation system; 300 multi-channel participant headsets; a full-time, on-site technician; and a full-time, on-site project manager … all organized in one week. If your needs are greater or smaller, we can easily come through for you.

Have a need like this? Click here to learn more about Simultaneous Conference Interpreting …. and remote interpreting for online webinars or meetings.



Speak to non-English prospects or suppliers.

Speak to limited-English employees.

Negotiate or seal a deal.

Simple, secure, reliable.

1. Instant phone access to trained, vetted and professional interpreters.
2. Service 365/24/7.
3. Low rates per minute. Volume discounts available.
4. Pay as you go. No usage = No billing.
5. Most interpreters are in the US.
6. Satisfaction and accuracy guaranteed.
7. Pre-scheduling available.
8. Customized invoice formats with dates, start times, end times and requested languages.
9. Can request male or female interpreters for health discussions, etc.
10.Totally confidential and HIPAA compliant.

To register

To register, please call 415 592 0042 x 107 or x 224. We will give you rates, an access number, and PIN.

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