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After a film, movie, video or e-learning course is transcribed and then translated by native speakers of the target language, we can proceed to voiceovers or subtitling.

During translation, cultural issues might be adjusted and localized references may have to be substituted or re-phrased. The key is to ensure that your transformed file will resonate among the target country’s language speakers.

For Voiceovers, we will need to know whether you want:

  • a male or female;
  • a child, teen, adult or senior; or
  • a unionized or non-unionized talent.

We will then provide you with a selection of voice talents to choose from.

Subtitling is normally much less costly and is priced by the video minute. The process involves:

  • converting your translation to STR format;
  • breaking the translation into unit or segments;
  • time-coding them to match the source-language dialog; and then
  • inserting the written language.

Please note:

  • French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog and others require around 20% more words than English does to express the same concept;
  • German and Russian expand by around 10%; while
  • Chinese and Korean are less than English.

The voiceover or subtitling processes may have to adjust the film to accommodate language expansion.

For video presentations, e-learning platforms, instructional videos, movies or any video with an international audience, we provide a full range of technical capabilities. These include full engineering and integration for all platforms.

Please contact us or call to discuss your particular needs.