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Professional translation of documents, websites, software strings, apps, films and videos requires highly specialized translators who know your industry terminology. Ours have master’s or equivalent degrees in the art of translation – rendering and adapting concepts, not just words – at least ten years’ continual industry experience, and work into their native languages so they capture your nuances and expressions.

Our process consists of three major steps: a draft or initial translation that includes both machine translation and human translation; editing (review of the translation by a second professional linguist); and proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Additional steps such as formatting or layout / desktop publishing are also available. Translations undergo a final Quality Assurance review to ensure consistency and accuracy across all languages. Certified translations are at no additional charge.

Technical Translation

For 30 years, Auerbach has translated highly technical files – documents, PowerPoints, videos, and websites – into a wide range of business subjects. These include: Aerospace, Advertising, Agriculture, Automotive, Banking, Coaching, Chemicals, Consulting, Defense, Dentistry, Energy, Engineering, Farming, Finance, Government, Green technologies, Healthcare, HR (Human Resources), IT (Information Technology), Law, Manufacturing of all types, Marketing, Medicine, Nonprofits, Oil & Gas, Pumps, Retailing, Software, Solar, Telecomm and Zoology.

The source files to be translated are produced by technical writers and mostly convey scientific or technological information.

Writing in the industrial sector is extremely precise and concise. Accurate descriptions of each concept, term and measurement is critical.

Professional linguists who specialize in technical translations have advanced degrees and expertise in your specific field of science or technology, understand this specialized terminology in the source and target languages, have at least ten years of experience in translation, and work into their native language.

Since the source text must be totally accurate, technical translations relay practical, objective and functional data. They must be factual, with no insertion of unstated suggestions or opinions.

Technical translations must also follow the exact order and convey the exact processes and exact operations of the source text.

Unlike Marketing documents for example, technical translations must be literal and logical, use simple and clear terms, and not allow for interpretation or nuances.

Our technical translators have qualifications such as these:

  • 25 years’ experience in translating technical documentation.
  • Native (target) language: Portuguese.
  • Source languages: English, French and German.
  • Academic qualifications: Language and Interpreters’ Institute, Munich; Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lisbon.

Types of Translation Services



Auerbach International offers translation services of all kinds: certified document translation services, online document translation services, professional document translation services, online certified translation services, certified legal translation services, official language translation services. We have years of experience in each of these services to be able to provide you the most accurate translations.


Auerbach provides certified document translation services for immigration documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, baptism certificates or records, adoption certificates or records, passports, police records or police reports, as well as all kinds of medical records and academic records such as diplomas and transcripts. We also provide certifications of contracts, legal agreements and other kinds of legal documents.

This certification attests that the translation was done by an authenticated, professional translator or translating team. We can also notarize certifications if required. Expect a one or two-day delivery times for a one-page document.


Our professionally trained, subject-specialized translating teams localize and culturally adapt your files to the target country and/or the global market and provide official language translation services as needed. These professional document translation services include operating manuals, user manuals, instruction manuals, guides, newsletters, brochures, sales specs, letters and emails, as well as translations of websites, movies, films, PowerPoints (PPTs), videos, apps, software and audio files.


Our certified legal translation services include employment contracts, software contracts, manufacturing contracts, distribution contracts, merger & acquisition documents, patents, regulations, tests, licensing agreements, purchase agreements, buy / sell agreements, plus academic records such as transcripts and diplomas. We also offer certified legal translation services to transcribe and translate witness statements, recorded depositions, plus other recorded testimonies and phone calls. Everything can be certified and notarized upon request.

File types include: User guides, operating manuals, instruction sheets, patents, regulatory documents, confidential tests and exams, and similar files, all translated by professionally trained linguists who speak your industry terminology.


Auerbach provides translation services for professional document translation services such as

bank statements; banking rules, bank regulations, bank policies; mortgage statements, mortgage documents; other financial records; and ethnic or multicultural marketing brochures, PowerPoints and videos; etc. All are localized and culturally adapted to the target country, multicultural audience or global market as needed, and with translation by Industry-speaking professional linguists in your desired language.


Immigration documents should always be on hand in a safe place. These certified legal translation services include personal and family records such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, divorce certificates, baptism records, adoption records, passports, police records, plus academic transcripts and diplomas, and some medical records. All are certified (and notarized, if needed) at no extra charge. These documents can almost always be translated in one or two business days. Notarizations may take a day longer.


We believe it’s vital to have linguists with industry experience while offering professional document translation services. As with other specialties, translating is done by linguists who have master’s or equivalent degrees, have ten+ years’ experience; and speak medical, healthcare and/or pharmaceutical terminology in each target language. We offer online document translation services in the medical field translating projects that are often for equipment manuals, instruction manuals, clinical reports, pharmaceutical files, journal articles, questionnaires, forms, brochures, admission and discharge procedures, user guides, patient information, overseas medical reports, medical insurance policies, and more.


Over three decades, we translated for some of the largest dental supply companies in the world. Dental projects include: Information guides, directions for use, equipment or device operating instructions, surveys, brochures, product manuals, dental office policies and procedures, and more. Auerbach provides official language translation services for dental projects.


Whether for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles or other forms of transport, translating automotive files is one of our specialties. Over our three decades we have done user manuals, parts manuals, guides, PowerPoints, contracts and agreements through our online certified translation services.

We are proud to be the exclusive translation agency for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), translating their study guides and tests and doing voiceovers into 23 immigrant languages. We have also served many parts manufacturers and car rental agencies.