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Document Translating

Any kind of file into 120+ languages.

AI only or AI with professional, Master’s-level human editing. See our translators’ qualifications.

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All business and technical subjects… from aerospace to zoology …. as presented below:

Types of Translation Services


Certified document translation services, online document translation services, professional document translation services, online certified translation services, certified legal translation services, and official language translation services.

Operating manuals, user manuals, instruction manuals, guides, newsletters, brochures, sales specs, letters and emails, as well as translations of websites, movies, films, PowerPoints (PPTs), videos, apps, software and audio files.


Employment contracts, software contracts, manufacturing contracts, distribution contracts, merger & acquisition documents, patents, regulations, regulatory documents, tests and exams, licensing agreements, purchase agreements, buy / sell agreements, plus academic records such as transcripts and diplomas.

We also offer certified legal translation services to transcribe and translate witness statements, recorded depositions, plus other recorded testimonies and phone calls. Everything can be certified and notarized upon request.


Bank statements; banking rules, bank regulations, bank policies; mortgage statements, mortgage documents; other financial records; and ethnic or multicultural marketing brochures, PowerPoints and videos; etc.

All are localized and culturally adapted to the target country, multicultural audience or global market as needed, and with translation by Industry-speaking professional linguists in your desired language.


Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses and certificates, divorce certificates, baptism records, adoption records, passports, police records, plus academic transcripts and diplomas, and some medical records.

All come with a Certification of Translation at no extra charge and a notarization if needed. These documents can almost always be translated in one or two business days. Notarizations may take a day longer.


Equipment manuals, instruction manuals, clinical reports, pharmaceutical files, journal articles, questionnaires, forms, brochures, admission and discharge procedures, user guides, patient information, overseas medical reports, medical insurance policies, and more.


Information guides, directions for use, equipment or device operating instructions, surveys, brochures, product manuals, dental office policies and procedures, and more.


User manuals, parts manuals, guides, PowerPoints, contracts and agreements … whether for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles or other forms of transport.

We are proud to be the exclusive translation agency for the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), translating their study guides and tests and doing voiceovers into 23 immigrant languages. We have also served many parts manufacturers and car rental agencies.

Translators’ qualifications

Professional method for when you need guaranteed accuracy – –

All translators:

1. Have Master’s or equivalent degrees in the art of translating
(i.e., No part-time professors, students, expatriates, neighbors, your cousin who used to live abroad, or your co-worker from there who came here when she was 10);

2. Have over ten years’ continual experience;

3. Are matched to specialize in your subject terminology; and

4. Are native speakers of your desired language(s) so that they know nuances, expressions, and acculturation methods.

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