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Auerbach International is pleased to offer complete software localization services, including UI, translation, and compilation of Help files, apps localization and DTP for manuals.

Our advanced Translation Memory technology and Intuitive Visual tools help our localization professionals provide more efficient and higher quality translations.


While the phases can be in slightly different order and may go under different names, the process is essentially the same:

  1. Implement a CMS
  2. Globalize
  3. Internationalize
  4. Localize.

Localizing software may seem like a lot of complicated work, but just a little bit of preparation can prevent a lot of problems and save you tremendous time and money.


We are always happy to offer guidance to lead our customers through successful globalization and internationalization so that your localization process is much easier and less stressful.

It is not necessary for software developers to know HOW localization is done and WHAT is really happening while we have your files. But our work is transparent and every task we complete is done with your best interest in mind.

We offer full product localization support for over 120 languages, including all those of the EU, plus Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and many others. Our most successful projects are entirely completed on a local OS and Windows or Apple systems respectively.

From your original DLL files, our software engineers will provide a full localization service: translation, dialog resizing, hotkeys, help files, complete version rebuild and full QA and testing. Completing all tasks on the same native OS totally resolves all character-display issues, considerably reduces the time for project completion, and enhances the quality of the final local build.


Even beyond these processes, globalization encompasses different marketing approaches for each country or region, local after-market support, establishing some local presence, and many other aspects of global business.

You can read more about our global marketing services or simply request a free quote today for your current projects.