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Get to know some of the clients who have relied on our language solutions

To capture a global audience, the automotive industry needs to translate and localize its advertising materials such as websites, magazine ads, commercials and billboards as well as brochures, product catalogs that are used in dealerships. Interfaces for software used in automotive production also need to be localized and translated especially when the vehicles are built and assembled outside of the country. This also includes onboard digital systems in modern vehicles such as GPS, audio systems, climate control functions and voice control systems.

And of course when publicity is for overseas audiences all automotive translations must be acculturated for each country. This includes product names. For example, the Ford Pinto in Brazil did not sell because “pinto” is Brazilian slang for “male genitals.” Getting evaluations of product names before launching overseas is very cheap insurance.

Dentistry is a field that uses highly technical terminology that needs to be scientifically accurate, consistent and concise. Only professional translators with medical backgrounds, specifically in dentistry and orthodontics, are qualified and equipped to undertake translations of a variety of dental documents. These include medical records, brochures, product catalogues, surgery and dental procedures, clinical trials, bloodwork and websites, just to name a few. Naturally, we have been doing dental translations for top companies in the industry for over 30 years.

Knowing the culture of the target territory you’re working in and having a native understanding of local and national regulations are crucial in the engineering and pumps industries. Since the use of outside suppliers and sources is common practice, it is crucial to localize and translate engineering documents and construction plans, and all relevant architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical drawings that will be used before and during project completion. Engineering and pumps translations also include very technical operating manuals and sales specifications, shipping and delivery specifications as well as patents, brochures, construction and employment contracts, licensing agreements, MSDS’s and RFPs.


Translating, Interpreting, Transcribing and more.

Over 2 billion words processed with A+ Accuracy.

Certified Small Business • GSA: 47QRAA22D00A3 • SIN 382-1 Translation & SIN 382-2 Interpretation • UEI: VXG7KEFJSVA9 • (DUNS 78363365) • CAGE code 4KJY4 • NAICS codes 541930, 561410 and 512191 • PSC codes R608 and R603 • SAM registered.

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For over 30 years, we have been translating, interpreting, desktop publishing (doing layouts), transcribing, dubbing, subtitling, doing multimedia production and culturally adapting anything from or into over 120 world languages.

And we do all this:

  • with the highest-quality Master’s-level linguists;
  • in any technical or non-technical subject;
  • with guaranteed accuracy; and
  • with the fastest delivery times.

The translation process involves:

  • a native-language, subject-specific, professional translator;
  • a second subject-specialized, professional translator to do a Quality Assurance review;
  • proofreading for spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • formatting to match your original file; and
  • use of Translation Memory software to maintain consistent word usage.

Translating all kinds of documents: Manuals, Guides, Brochures, Contracts, Reports, Articles, Directions, Instructions, Forms, etc.

Interpreting for Meetings, Conferences, Escorted visits, Seminars, Presentations and Interviews. Consecutive or Simultaneous, with transmitters and headsets, Any subject, Anywhere: Local, nationwide or worldwide.

Localizing videos, software and websites.

Videos: Dubbing, Voiceovers and Subtitles.

Subjects covered: Everything from aerospace to zoology, simple or technical.

Now that the healthcare industry has become globally linked, the need for healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical translation services spans across the world. This is most essential where medical documents are concerned. As patients travel, relocate, or require medical attention outside of their countries, making their medical records accessible to the language spoken by their attending physician is crucial to one’s health and well-being. Professional translators in the healthcare industry are well-versed in technical nomenclature, regulatory standards, and guidelines used by the medical and pharmaceutical fields and are therefore able to convey all vital and accurate information needed by every medical provider or organization. Translations for healthcare also include medical research, test and lab results, product information, labeling, patents, and scientific applications, websites, and videos.

As companies expand internationally and acquire a multilingual workforce, it is essential for Human Resources to communicate effectively, both on a language and a cultural level, to protect both the corporation as well as the employees.

Translating employee handbooks, business policies and procedures, training manuals and videos, HR forms, newsletters, and internal memos will ensure that employees receive all the necessary information needed in a language they understand.

It is also important to explain concepts such as HMOs that are usually unknown in immigrants’ home countries as well as to understand cultural issues – such as silence instead of participation during meetings — that may prevent immigrant employees from bringing to you their full potential. Please contact us for a cultural consultation.

Technology has revolutionized International communications for all kinds of devices – home, office, infrastructural and personal. Therefore the need for translation and localization in IT exponentially increases every year. Marketing products and services that capture the target audience translations culturally and effectively are necessary for the IT industry to thrive and gain international recognition. The most common translation and localization requirements in this industry are websites, research and development, brochures, manuals and customer support.

As commerce and political relations expand internationally, the demand for business translation services and interpretation has also risen in the legal sector. Law firms, both in the public and private sector, require multilingual support that is accurate and dependable due to the sensitive nature of cases. Highly skilled translators with law backgrounds are required for translation of legal transcripts, contracts, copyright applications, acquisitions, patents, witness statements, immigration documents, trust and wills. Court certified interpreters with law degrees are crucial in depositions, litigation, mergers, bankruptcy cases, client meetings and interviews.

As one of the biggest industries to grow significantly on a global scale, the manufacturing sector benefits the most from business translation services. That’s because it bridges language and cultural gaps when working with international suppliers and consumers.

From product conception and production to promotion, using skilled, subject-specialized and targeted industrial translation services is the key to an international business’ success.

Documents commonly translated include plans, drawings, patents, operating and safety manuals, business contracts, brochures, product labels, websites, videos and many more.

Translation and localization in advertising are especially crucial in capturing global audiences since these strengthen a brand’s identity while carving a niche in the target market. It is vital that a product’s message be conveyed in a way that is culturally acceptable yet creative enough to capture the consumer’s attention and increase revenue.

This “acculturation” process, especially for consumer products, is critical to ensure that words, expressions, images, colors, people’s clothing and actions, product names and product labels reflect the audience of the target country … and especially produce no gaffes that can wipe out million-dollar investments.

Typical Marketing translations are for websites, apps, brochures, ads, videos and product-usage manuals.

Non-profits, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and IGOs (International Government Organizations such as through the UN) depend on language services to raise awareness of their work and function successfully on a global scale.

Highly-trained translators and interpreters are crucial partners to non-profits to communicate with their members worldwide and to ensure their mission is thoroughly explained and implemented. Depending on the sub-industry of a non-profit organization, language services can assist in translating educational or medical materials, documents, websites, reports, press releases and advertising. And all non-profit / NGO translations must be acculturated to communicate concepts in a way that are appropriate for the target population.

Highly skilled interpreters can be vital in meetings, briefings, field work and interviews. If you need an interpreter to help deliver your programs or facilitate a meeting at home or abroad – or need translations of your documentation — please contact us. Our services operate worldwide.

A portion of our company profits are channeled each year into The Auerbach Global-Impact Foundation.

A wide array of industries, from manufacturing to communication, energy to aerospace, are based on semiconductor technology, making it a key industry in the world economy. Semiconductors are produced worldwide and require highly technical translations of manuals, instruction guides, patents, training documents, user interfaces, software applications, operating systems, and many more. Having the expert guidance of our industrial translation service can be vital for your business endeavors in these areas.

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