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German Translation Clarification

When it comes to translating your marketing material (websites, videos, brochures, manuals, etc.), it is important to be aware of stylistic preferences and dialects for the three main German markets: Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland. The Swiss and Austrian German dialects differ from High German not only in pronunciation but also in vocabulary and word […]

Key Issues in Marketing Globally


Global marketing ands Globalization used to be important to only large, multi-national companies. But with rapid advances in communication technologies, global marketing communications are relevant to many businesses around the world. Whether you are in the beginning stages of expanding or an experienced expat, targeting a global audience is a nuanced and important aspect of […]

Culture Cues for German Business

This article from Auerbach International presents some Do’s and Don’ts to help expand your business. German Business Culture and Language There are many opportunities to expand your business into Germany. However, to succeed, you must know the differences in business culture between Germany and the US. You can fall into some definite traps if you […]

Newsletter – April 2016

This Month’s Featured Video ROLE OF NATIVE SPEAKERS IN TRANSLATION      SEE MORE VIDEOS HERE Many companies assume that they can rely on overseas distributors or in-house native speakers to translate documentation or localize website content. That can work if done correctly, but usually the process isn’t. People don’t appreciate how difficult translations can […]

Blooper #8

Whether you have been with Auerbach International for many years or are recently joining us, we are pleased to present another of our Biweekly Bloopers. As you can tell, the slight misuse of a word – even by people who profess to know English well – can have a very unintended meaning. This is another […]

Localization…What Do You Really Mean?


Localization…What do You Really Mean? Q: “Can you localize our manuals for Korea and our website for Brazil?” A. “Yes, definitely. Now what do you mean?” “Localization” is the most misused, confused and abused word in the language business, a profession that is supposed to be about rendering clear communication across languages. The reason for this […]