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Rescuing 5,000 Victims from Sex Traffickers with Paul Hutchinson, Founder of the Child Liberation Foundation

Paul Hutchinson

Summary: Episode 70
Paul Hutchinson, the primary investor and executive producer of the film Sound of Freedom which is a composite of various true stories, played a critical role in the rescue of over 120 victims in Colombia from child trafficking organizations. That event inspired him to start the Child Liberation Foundation, an organization actively involved in the fight against child trafficking, a form of modern slavery which engulfs over 10 million children worldwide….

Advantages of Mexico, with Ricardo Franco Romo of PRODENSA

Summary: Episode 69
Ricardo Franco Romo, Global Commercial Director of PRODENSA, explains the many advantages of setting up operations in Mexico, a significant investment destination for US and foreign companies due to its strong economy, stable macroeconomic factors and vastly improved infrastructure. In 2023, Mexican exports were $500 billion with 86% coming to the US. Ricardo also shares the many special bonuses that employees receive; issues of corporate…

Reebok and other Global Brands in Mexico with Teo Husemann

Teo Husemann

Summary: Episode 68
Teo Husemann, the head of Reebok in Mexico, shares his experiences with a global strategy and local execution. He explains how Reebok’s marketing is similar to the US but has different channels, e-commerce, and seasonality. Marketing issues involve distribution; segmenting for each channel; pricing; different user experiences among Addias, ASICS and Reebok; the uncertainty of duties and taxes, and political considerations. Having…

Breaking Norms to Achieve Success with Victoria Pelletier, CEO of Unstoppable You

Victoria Pelletier

Summary: Episode 67
Running large departments for Fortune 100 companies at home and abroad, Victoria Pelletier, a CEO by age 41, breaks norms and molds to achieve desired outcomes … while explaining why she is not conforming. At her large and complex companies, she motivates her teams by asking what challenge they are solving and what success looks like for each person …. In essence, reshaping the way companies deliver services for clients and empowering…

Global and Digital Marketing Strategies and more, with Vinod Jain

Vinod Jain

Summary: Episode 66
How have companies developed a global strategy which includes various marketing channels such as R&D; manufacturing; marketing; and distribution, including online sales? Digital marketing is more focused on product, price, promotion, location, and customer experience, all of which are elements within a company’s control. Vinod Jain shares examples of standardized products, including Activia probiotic yogurt and Nestlé’s Nescafe, where…

Revitalizing companies in the US and abroad with Tim Van Mieghem of ProAction Group


Summary: Episode 65
Awareness. Acceptance. Action. These are the three steps to implement corporate changes as explained by Tim Van Mieghem, the co-founder of the ProAction Group, a Chicago-based consultancy that revitalizes stale or stagnant private equity companies in the US and abroad to dramatically increase their productivity. With over 800 consulting assignments, Tim focuses on manufacturing challenges in Latin America and Asia. Creating efficiencies and…

China: The Insider’s View with Gabor Holch

Gabor Holch

Summary: Episode 64
Based in Budapest and Shanghai and speaking fluent Mandarin, Gabor Holch has over 20 years’ experience as an expatriate with a true insider’s view of China. He explains reasons for Chinese government policies that seem erratic or ill-conceived to Westerners, how Communist Party officials also seek the success of companies in their purview, how to obtain financing, the most effective way for foreign firms to gain “guanxi” (connections or relationships)…

Global Strategies for a Global Platform: Anna N. Schlegel, Vice President at Procore Technologies

Anna N. Schlegel

Summary: Episode 63
California-based Anna Schlegel presents a sterling example of tech issues involved in globalizing Procore, a mega software platform used for managing over 1 million construction projects in over 190 countries and localized into many languages. Anna describes the general principles for developing a global strategy; the meticulous details to coordinate mammoth upgrades and changes to ensure safety and regulatory compliance at local…

DEI in the US and Overseas, and Brazil: Luiza Dreasher of Mastering Cultural Differences

Luiza Dreasher

Summary: Episode 62
As President and CEO of Minnesota-based Mastering Cultural Differences, Luiza Dreasher has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and cultural competence. With Whites projected to be the minority in the US by 2045, Luiza explains the economic benefits of implementing DEI programs in all organizations … resulting in more customers and more sales. While some employees may feel threatened, she emphasizes…

Global Platform Partnerships: Rachel Carruthers of Canva

Rachel Carruthers

Summary: Episode 61
As the Global Platform Partnerships lead of Australia-based Canva, a worldwide design platform with users from over 190 countries, California-born Rachel Anne Carruthers discusses Canva’s global blueprint and how they tailor their marketing strategies to specific countries or regions such as India and Indonesia. She explains how culture affects users’ design experience and platform behavior, ethical dilemmas about incorporating certain icons and…

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