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  • Only around 28% of the world speaks English. Which means that 72% does not.
  • Around 60% of world website users will ONLY buy if information is presented in their native language (Source: CSA Research, July 2020).

These numbers indicate that vast audiences can benefit from your products and services — if only they knew about them.

And we sincerely apologize that due to logistical and tech issues, you were unable to hear how to address the opportunities these stats present on the May 22nd live broadcast of the Business Influencer Podcast which we had pre-announced. We know that many of you eagerly tuned in …. and got frustration instead.

You may now hear the podcast (“… on a scale of 1 to 10, a 17!”) through this link on our website:

To partially compensate for your very justifiable anger on the live date, we present these wonderful examples of people who did not use Master’s-level, professional linguists such as ours to communicate their messages properly:

  • Sign at a Bangkok (Thailand) dry cleaner’s: “Drop your trousers here for best results.”
  • Sign at a Paris (France) high-fashion shop: “Dresses for street walking.”
  • Reassuring sign at a China restaurant: “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

In gratitude,

Philip Auerbach

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