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Organizations of all kinds – Fortune 100s, small/medium enterprises, nonprofits, and government agencies – thrive more when prospects and customers can CALL them ….. to get issues resolved, update accounts, or ORDER products or services when they need to.

These are some benefits of a call center … for which most Chat systems are woefully inadequate and frustrating to users.

But most call centers interact ONLY in English, which shuts out millions of multi-cultural or limited English speakers … in the US or around the world. And when people can communicate in their native language, they are 60 times more likely to buy from you.

Auerbach International is delighted to announce that we now can serve you with a Multi-Lingual Call Center … providing bilingual agents in English and Spanish and synching with our 24/7 Over the Phone Interpreting solutions for all other languages. Customizing to your needs, our call center …

  • Can operate 24/7, weekdays only, weekends, or any other time combination;
  • Can take messages, handle account issues such as address changes, or respond to customers’ questions based on a script you provide and training we provide; and
  • Employs agents who are well educated; speak fluent, conversational, acculturated English; and are fully vetted for confidentiality and non-disclosure.


For more information and to see how we can tailor a configuration to meet YOUR needs, please contact us now.

Tip: Expect interpreting rates to be based on a fee per minute for phone calls and a fee per hour for meetings and conferences. Expect translating rates to be based on the number of “source file” words.

Philip Auerbach
Founder, President & CEO
Auerbach International
Headquarters – 415-592-0042 x107

“3 Decades. 2 Billion Words. A+ Accuracy. Superior Translation Services.”

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