As a benefit to our clients and prospects in the HR industry, Auerbach International is pleased to bring you a unique, one-stop resource.


The landscape for HR products and services is continually changing due to technological advances, creative thinking, changing regulations, new research, globalization, more accurate / available information, agile ways of conducting business and other factors.

Neither a typical HR department nor its traditional HR advisors can possibly keep track of the hundreds of HR specialty product and service offerings available in the marketplace today that help to address these changes.

HR Specialty Products & Services Catalogue™

In response, Auerbach has formed a partnership with the Human Resources Mining & Distribution Co. HRM&DCo has been aggregating HR specialty items from around the world for over five years. These items can be found within the first-ever HR Specialty Products & Services Catalogue.

As shown in the link below, the Catalogue contains over 400 items that cover the entire HR “taxonomy”. These often hard-to-find tools and services range from helping to establish HR strategy, to recruitment and all the way on through to post-employment.

HRM&DCo can usually respond to about 95% of your HR needs.

For further information, please contact Mr. Tom Ference at tel (219) 662-0201 or at