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Welcome to February’s Friday Funnies!

The economy is heating up and business is buzzing again. Global trade is booming as logistics and supply chain obstacles are being overcome. With all this good news, what could go wrong? Well…

Even the most routine multilingual communication errors can completely upend business opportunities in a hot, economic upturn. This month’s journey through translation foibles reminds us that the smallest errors, though humorous, can result in business nightmares.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t tell ’em, confuse ’em!”




This must be signage supplied by DDAMM, Drunk Drivers Against Mad Mothers.




This is one organized community, providing recreational opportunities for everyone.





I’d hate to see what’s included in a massage!





Your company may not make “manicure” sets or street signs, but a mistranslated contract or instruction manual could become an economic disaster. Employing the services of a professional language services firm is one of the most effective and least expensive decisions your firm can make to ensure simple mistakes don’t become business disasters.

Whether you need legal, HR, technical or marketing documents translated; or you need to add language options to your website; or you require phone or in-person interpreter services, Auerbach International’s got you covered. We’ve expertly handled the needs of businesses, small and large, across all industries, for more than three decades. Give us the opportunity to serve you by contacting us by phone or via our website.


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