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One month down and eleven more ahead!

February has arrived, filled with dreams of ever-increasing business opportunities, operational efficiencies and services rapidly delivered to clients and citizens. It’s the month where hearts beat with desire as we anticipate the annual ritual recognized by young and old alike… National Cabbage Day! And if that’s not enough to stir one’s soul with anticipation, there are also these events to celebrate:

Clean Out Your Bookcase Day
Cook a Sweet Potato Day
National Vegan Lipstick Day
National Stuffed Mushroom Day

When we think of February holidays, most of us think of Tell a Fairy Tale Day (commonly referred to as Valentine’s Day). February is the perfect month to embrace the romance of properly translated communications between your organization and your customers, business partners and non-English speaking employees. Think of Auerbach International as your professional translation cupid, delivering your message, with arrow directness, to the heart of your business target.

Plato wrote, “Love is a grave mental disease. A mistranslated document is worse.” Well, he did write the first sentence, and the following proves that he would have written the second sentence if he’d experienced these translation gaffes! Bring on the Friday Funnies!

Instead we should STUPID THERE, in the STUPID AREA?

Maybe it's the new Marvel Universe Superhero?

As opposed to non-confused noises when chanting?

How can anyone treat an Angle like a Potato on Valentine's Day?

Poorly translated communications often create irreparable damage to business relationships. Auerbach International is the Eros of professionally accurate language services of all types. We provide personalized TLC to every project we undertake. We love what we do and you will too! To find out for yourself, email us or give us a call.

To quote Rick Blaine from the classic movie Casablanca, “Louis(Luisa), I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Best ~

Chris Hempel
Director of Client Success
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“3 Decades. 2 Billion Words. A+ Accuracy. Superior Translation Services.”

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