Seasoned translators are the backbone behind many successful corporations. With language translation, businesses can reach wider audiences and offer their documents in multiple languages.

The business world on the web is expanding its range of services to offer new tools that translate their apps and sites into many languages. Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will soon all offer seamless services to anyone who uses them.

Some of these companies already use their own translation tech in-house to give customers product documentation in multiple languages. As ecommerce brings in customers from all over the world, the need for translation services is bigger than ever.

Here’s a list of the top 5 industries that rely on translation to survive:

  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping is a booming industry, with 79% of Americans now shopping online for all of their product needs. From their desktop to their phones, consumers want to access various products across America and the globe.

In less developed countries, mobile phones aren’t in abundance as they are in America. However, as mobile phones saturate the market, more people can afford them. Soon most online shoppers will be using their phones to make their purchases.

When it comes to shopping, online stores must be able to offer their products and display them in a variety of languages for the ultimate revenue boost.

  1. Real Estate

Traveling is much easier to do these days than it was years ago. People are considering destinations across the globe for vacations and even a second home. Buying homes in different countries is no longer a crazy notion.

Purchasing property abroad is an exciting venture, but can be complicated with language barriers. With all the paperwork that goes with the sale of a property, translations services are an absolute must in this industry. Translators for real estate documents can help keep the documents in line with the laws across many borders.

  1. Financial Industry

With large sums of money comes large responsibilities. International financial institutions must consistently stay up to date on the changing laws in the financial universe.

Contracts, reports, and correspondence all require heavy translation.

  1. Manufacturing

Automotive and aerospace equipment sales are becoming a global enterprise. Manufacturing companies also need various documents translated into many different languages.

From trademarks to patents, from manuals to licenses, the manufacturing industry heavily relies on translation to keep their business available in many countries. Exporting manufacturing businesses can’t afford to take risks with misunderstandings and language barriers.

  1. Legal

As mentioned, most of the industries need legal documents translated to their various contractors, consumers, and partners to conduct business with peace of mind. Legal translations are a default requirement, not only for companies, but also for court cases.

Testimonies and witness statements must be professionally translated when two languages are involved. Poorly-chosen translations can actually tip the scale of the law.

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