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March has arrived like a Lion. Hopefully, you’re enjoying a roaring start to this month.

With March’s arrival, spring is within reach. March brings a renewal of business relationships and fresh, new opportunities for growth. It’s the month when companies like ours celebrate National Proofreading Day, and when yours may enthusiastically welcome the arrival of…

National Awkward Moments Day
National Goof Off Day
National Near Miss Day

Let’s visit some of those awkward, goofy and (not such) near miss errors that effectively sink their intended messages and create nothing but confusion. Confusion, yes, but this is what makes them the Friday Funnies!

That's one lofty goal!

The definition of paranoia.

So just remain in public... great idea.

Edgar Allen Poe's long lost novel.

Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman and Michelangelo were born in March. These disrupters remind us that a laser focus on one’s mission can bring about amazing successes. Will your organization’s focus translate clearly and correctly, in both word and meaning, to your customers and business partners?

And a parting thought…

… beware the Ides of March, and cheap translation solutions! Don’t let mistranslations become your Brutus. Give us a call or email us and stay away from the Roman Senate on March 15th.

Best ~

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