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The above translation is another example of slightly wrong word usage. Professional translators or your project manager will alert you when words or phrases in your files seem to have double or incorrect meanings. A translation is only as good as the original language in which it was written. And you certainly don’t want your translations going all over the place either.


Some Recent and Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you estimate what my translation would cost? It’s 25 pages.


Quick answer Probably not. Translation estimates are based on the number of words in your files and we cannot guess how many words are on one of your pages. If you can give us the word count, we can do a better estimate for you.

Rates also vary by your desired target language(s). We also discount for text repetitions: the first instance of a word or phrase is a full price; all subsequent uses, whether in your current file or from past projects, are discounted.


Clients sometimes overlook that their files contain charts, graphics or parts lists that need to be laid out after translation. For all of these reasons, it is best to send us your files first. Then we can give you more accurate price options, each with a delivery timeframe.


  1. My file is a book, biographies, artist profiles or a very simple website. Are your prices cheaper?


Quick answer: Probably yes. We offer two types of service:


  1. Professional: This is for most business texts, brochures, contracts, websites, manuals, PPTs, videos, etc. These contain technical or industry-specific vocabulary. They are best done by one or more translators with degrees in the art of translation, with many years’ professional experience, and who speak your industry terminology. Following our procedure, we will guarantee accuracy. Please submit your files for an quote.
  1. Qualified: This is for non-technical books, bios, articles, simple websites, retail or travel information, personal letters, etc. This service uses qualified and tested but not professionally trained translators. While accuracy is not guaranteed, the quality is usually extremely good and suffices for these types of projects. In this case, prices are a flat rate per word. Please inquire for your type of project.

Thank you. We look forward to serving you!