Useful TipWhen you are launching a new product, new service or new company, it takes just a small investment in time and money to ensure that the name works overseas. Even if you are not planning to go global now, you probably will later. And why risk your entire investment?

If your name sounds like a disgraced politician or a curse word, what credibility will you have in that country? Ask your language service to check this out for you before you launch.

A large company called Clairol did not. When it introduced Clairol Mist in Germany, it discovered too late that “Mist” is German slang for “manure.” Not very appealing on ladies’ hair.

Have an e-book?

Want to spread your reputation globally as well as domestically? Auerbach International is pleased to announce a new service: Personal Express Translations (PET). For only .085 cents/word (plus a small admin fee), we will translate any non-technical file into all common languages.

Using qualified and tested translators, PET is ideal for e-book authors, personal documents (letters, journals, family histories); articles; simple websites; retail catalogs; social media tweets, blogs and posts; and more. In short, most any file that has no technical terminology and no engineering.