This is another example of how wrong wording can damage your brand… and why only professional linguists — not amateurs or students — are essential to convey your message, especially for business.


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Useful Tip:

If your overseas distributors, agents or resellers are translating your information, it is very wise periodically to ask your language service to back-translate their version into English. Otherwise, how will you know what your global partners are really saying? How do you know whether they’ve added a claim or warranty for which you may be liable? With almost 25 years’ experience, we have seen that happen.

We’ve also seen them use wrong words (as in the Blooper above); insert regional terminology that is not “standard”, educated speech; and rewrite your copy in ways the home office does not approve of. All these examples reflect badly on your company. You’ve invested a lot to develop your global reputation. A minor extra investment in back-translations will help you maintain it properly.