If you are new to Auerbach International, we provide business-expansion tips about language or global marketing issues once or twice a month. And when we don’t examine issues in-depth, we are pleased to brighten your day with humorous Bloopers from other languages or countries such as the one above.

Even other English-speaking countries are not immune to statements that have wrong word usage, misspellings and whose logic does not quite flow properly. If you are targeting other countries that speak your same language, be sure to ask your language service to evaluate your message, or to evaluate your new venture or new product name. Language professionals often can foresee issues that you may be unaware of … and that can damage your message, budget or reputation. Consulting your language service is very minor insurance against very big potential gaffes.

Useful tip

When corporate videos go from English into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, sometimes Japanese and other languages, the required words will expand by about 10-20%. Does your video have fixed time limits such as exactly 30 minutes? If so, where will the expanded words go? Your translation service can provide solutions. And if you know in advance that your video will go abroad, be sure to consult your language localization service before you produce it.


  • Is accuracy not essential on your next translation project?
  • Is your project for in-house use only?
  • Is getting the gist sufficient for your needs?
  • Is your text not technical?

If so, our PET store is for you. Personal Express Translations are a low-cost alternative to professional-level linguists. This is ideal for many kinds of reports, letters, basic e-books, very simple websites, etc. Using qualified and tested but non-professional translators, our PET process can generally translate your file into the most common languages for around USD .085/word + a small Admin fee. Contact us to find out how.