auerbach intl blogHappy July to All!

The dog days of Summer are upon us and that, of course, means most of us are preparing to celebrate National Drive-Thru Day. Based on the price of a gallon of gas, it may be a subdued celebration this year. Fortunately, we have an almost endless procession of non-petroleum based holidays. For instance:

National Talk in an Elevator Day
National Whistleblowers Day
National Tape Measure Day
National Eat Your Beans Day
National Workaholics Day

Whether these are your favorites or your celebratory actions are focused on National Rat Catcher’s Day, we can always use some humor. So with all the enthusiasm of jumping into a cold pool, let the Friday Funnies begin!


Now that’s one thoughtful grocer. Protecting the least protected from cannibals!






That’s pretty demanding. What if I don’t want to throw my keys, wallet or iPhone in the toilet?





I’m not sure if I’m committing a crime or what that crime would be, but it’s obviously serious, especially for farmers and mountain bikers!





Bonus fun:

Nokia is no longer a global mobile phone juggernaut but at their sales peak they launched the Lumia smartphone line. When they introduced it in Spanish speaking countries they failed to consider that “Lumia” can be translated into “prostitute” in Spanish. Talk about bait and switch!






Hunt’s made a similar faux pas when they introduced their baked beans to French Canadians as “Gross Jos” which is slang for “big breasts”. Not exactly the corporate brand Hunt-Wesson was hoping to project!



As you sit back with your favorite beverage and summer book, keep in mind that these funny screw-ups negatively impact organizations. Professional translations can propel your business forward, whereas amateur translations can create confusion, damage sales and business relationships and even the well-being of customers. Auerbach International’s mission for over 30 years has been A+ accuracy for projects large and small, no exceptions.

Give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll keep the elderly, children, mountain bikers and your customers safe from translation confusion!


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