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Potential Problems of Native Speakers


Many companies assume that they can rely on overseas distributors or in-house native speakers to translate their documentation or localize their website content. And of course your people will always say that their translations are correct. But if you don’t speak the language yourself, how will you really know? Can most Americans write a good […]

Language Myths and Realities, Part 2: Software & Overseas Distributors


This article is the second in a series to expose some common myths about rendering languages so that your firm can do it right … and gain more revenue targeting ethnic and global markets correctly. 4. Translation Software will work just fine. Also known as Machine Translation (MT), translation software has its purposes. The main […]

Language Myths and Realities, Part 3: Native Speaker Translations & Videos/CDs


This article is the third in a series to expose some common myths about rendering languages. Part 1 discussed faulty assumptions about Localizing your Website as well as the Misuse of Volunteer Translators. Part 2 discussed the Misuse of Translation Software and Reliance on Overseas Distributors or Sales Agents. By exposing these common myths, we […]

4 Risky Scenarios: Why You should control your Message


The 4 Risky Scenarios Who’s Controlling Your Message? Over our 20 years in the language business, we have seen clients engage in four risky scenarios: They will say, “Our distributors do our translations.” They allow their overseas agents to review our translations without checking to see whether those edits are valid. They will ask a […]

Why Your Native Speakers Should Not Translate


Why Your Native Speakers Should Not Translate (But they can still help save you money!) Myth: Anyone who speaks a language can translate or interpret it. Reality: Translation is a very difficult skill requiring many years of training, usually at the college and/or grad school level. ——————————————– Your organization may have two kinds of people who speak […]

Don’t blindly accept changes…


8. Don’t blindly accept changes by your translation reviewers When your company attempts to do business in other countries, its credibility is on the line with every translated legal, technical and marketing document you distribute. Prospective purchasers and end users know when your translations don’t “feel right.” And the first impression your documents make for […]