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Websites and Globalizing: Critical Facts

If your website has not been localized in other languages — or if you localized it using Google Translate — here is what you are missing: According to Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of global consumers prefer to use their native language when shopping online. 85% of all consumers will not purchase if information is not […]

Language Myths and Realities, Part 1: Websites & Volunteers


Over our 25 years, many clients have come to us after discovering that their presumed money-saving methods are more costly after all. This article is the first in a series to expose some common myths about rendering languages so that your firm can do it right…and gain more revenue targeting ethnic and global markets correctly. […]

Localizing Videos & CDs: The Essentials

Many organizations have videos or CDs in English (or their native language) but forget that their audience – whether Latinos, Chinese or other ethnicities in the US or customers overseas – would understand them better in other languages. As a general rule, people may learn English just as Americans learned other languages in high school […]

It’s NOT All or Nothing

6 – Website Localization:  Don’t make the “all or nothing” mistake. Marketing is communication.  If you don’t speak or write in your prospects’ language, that communication cannot occur.  And today, the primary medium of communication is the internet. If you haven’t localized your website into the languages of your prospective customers so they can understand […]

Website Conversion – Don’ts & Do’s

CONVERTING YOUR WEBSITE INTO OTHER LANGUAGES – Don’ts and Do’s   How much revenue will you gain by preparing your website into the languages of your potential customers? How much will you lose by not doing it…. or assuming that the whole world speaks English? [FYI, Only about 27% of world internet users do. Please click […]

Localization…What Do You Really Mean?


Localization…What do You Really Mean? Q: “Can you localize our manuals for Korea and our website for Brazil?” A. “Yes, definitely. Now what do you mean?” “Localization” is the most misused, confused and abused word in the language business, a profession that is supposed to be about rendering clear communication across languages. The reason for this […]