Some Challenges of China

Considering doing business in China? Do you wonder how things there are done or perhaps not done?

The development of China over the last 35 years has been absolutely impressive, from rice fields and “Mao uniforms” to iconic and remarkable skylines, international fashion shows and shopping malls. At first glance, Chinese cities look like any modern skyline and could, almost, be right here in the US. But beneath the glitter, it is far way and completely different from the US and has solid roots in 5,000 years of history…

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Canada: Surprising Opportunity in the North

How did you see 2016 for Canada’s economy and business environment?

Stephen Armstrong: 2016 was a year of newfound momentum led by the Justin Trudeau Administration and his vision for Canada. We saw the country embrace new opportunities with Europe, foremost the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), as well as continued partnering with the United States to prepare for the incoming Trump Administration. Coming out of 2016 is a lot of positive momentum in Canada. There are great opportunities to utilize the country’s centers of innovation and the diversity of the Canadian workforce.

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The European Union is on SHAKY GROUND – Can it Keep its Footing?

What do you see as the biggest opportunities and biggest risks in 2017 for US businesses in Europe?

2017 is a crucial year for Europe, with many important political events happening throughout the year. The four founders of the European Community will likely have general elections before year-end. I believe this is the first time since the founding of the European Community that all four founding nations have elections in the same year. [Elections took place in The Netherlands in March; they will take place in France and Germany beginning in April and September respectively; and in Italy, elections are likely to occur before December 31st.]

These elections drastically alter the political landscape because populist movements rising in these countries can either lead governments outright or have important roles in politics. This will, in turn, impact the business landscape. Obviously, it is never certain how new governments will behave towards foreign businesses looking to operate in their countries.

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