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With over 11,000 downloads during our 15-month life, the 60+ episodes of our Global Gurus podcast provide outstanding insights into a huge array of international business topics. To facilitate your own expansion, below is a sample of the treasure trove you will find:

How can you avoid bribery when foreign norms require it?

Learn from the fascinating stories of Gene McCarthyDan Vega, and Dr. Komi Klu.

How should you do trade correctly?

 Amazing insights from Doug Bruhnke of the Global Chamber; Max Sutherland of the World Trade Center, Atlanta; Zach Person of Borderless Business Solutions; and Josh Halpern about e-commerce.

Selected industries  

Hi-tech Sales: Zoltan Vardy and Mark S. A. Smith; Immigration: Sophie Alcorn; and Refugees as Employees: Eden Tadasse

Publishing: Dave Chesson

Nonprofits: Linda Lysakowski and Travis Johnson

Coaching: Tom Finn and Rachel Paling

BioScience and MedTech: Karina Sotnik

Graphic design: Rachel Carruthers of Canva

Leadership: Kim-Adele Randall

City marketing: Zabeth Teelucksingh

English teaching: Andrew Weiler and Victoria Rennoldson

Banking, finance and accounting: Jon Pedersen and Michael Markiewicz

Yachting: Diane Byrne

Intercultural training: Lanie Denslow

Additional country insights

Brazil: Danila Palmieri and Luiza Dreasher

Japan and East Asia: Doug Hartley

Poland manufacturing: Michael Klepacz

Please let us know which episodes have most resonated with you and what other subjects you would like to learn about.

As a reminder, please ask us at Auerbach International to screen your company names, product names and slogans to ensure no damaging gaffes in key languages before you invest millions in marketing. IKEA, for example, introduced a workbench on wheels with a translation of its Swedish name, “Full speed.” In English, the product name “Fartfull” had a slightly different connotation.

We look forward to serving you.



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