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Effective Language Solutions: 12 Tips

       Do you know that at least 72% of the world does not speak
English? And that the US has about 42 million Latinos who speak
Spanish at home as well as millions of other limited-English-speaking immigrants? Their English may be minimal and their collective buying power is immense. According to many studies, even non-native English speakers abroad overwhelmingly buy from
companies that communicate to them in their own languages.

      What opportunities are you missing by not translating your brochures, contracts, websites, books, PowerPoints, audios, videos, and more for multicultural or overseas markets? And if you use AI-only methods that are prone to errors, what does that communicate about your own organization’s professionalism and dedication to excellence?

       Here are some tips to help guide you on your translation and interpreting journey, increasing your reach and your bottom line:

1. Recognize the distinction between Translating which is converting anything written into other languages and Interpreting which is converting anything spoken. It’s easy to confuse the terms. Even Presidents and journalists do!

2. Expect translation prices to be based on the word count of your submitted (source or original) file at a rate per word, varying by language. Your total investment may also require formatting, layout (wrapping words around pictures), and localization … while benefitting from price reductions for repeated text.

3. Leave extra white space on your files (such as brochures) to keep the translated words from flowing onto the next page. Most languages require more space than English does to express the same concept.

4. Know that A.I. translations are mainly literal and word-for-word. In most cases, A.I. does not capture expressions or nuances; convert measurements (say, inches to metric); or do cultural adaptations.

5. Get the highest quality, precision translations — especially for Marketing, Advertising, and cultural adaptations. Guaranteed accuracy from a combination of first-pass A.I. translating and second-pass editing and cultural adaptation using Master’s-level, professional linguists can accomplish this.

6. Realize that many languages have dialects, which are variations spoken in other countries (such as English for the UK, the US or Australia). Specifying your desired dialect is crucial in starting the translation or interpreting process — especially since each country has its own spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and grammar patterns.

7. Translate your website into many languages inexpensively with a one- to two-page PDF summary of your company. You can still gain customers from the millions who don’t speak English, over 60% of whom will rarely or never consider buying if your information is not in their language.

8. Expect Interpreting rates to be based on a fee per minute for phone calls and a fee per hour for meetings or conferences. As mentioned in Tip 2, expect translating rates to be based on the number of source-file words.

9. Talk 365/24/7 to non- or limited-English speakers (customers, prospects, vendors, employees, etc.) through an Over-the-Phone Interpreting solution. You can still communicate through a vetted, confidential telephone interpreter in a three-way conversation.

10. Ask about Interpreting for meetings and conferences in two ways: Remotely via Zoom or Teams, or Onsite such as at your office. For conferences at home or abroad, you can either have interpreters with in-room transmitters and participant headsets or interpreters in dedicated sound booths.

11. Get your audios, videos, and movies transcribed before you get them translated. You can also add dubbing or subtitling, the second of which is less costly.

12. Realize that what works here may not work there. Culturally adapting your Marketing benefits and appeals for your target country before they are translated maximizes your success for Global Marketing.

Auerbach International has 30+ years’ experience producing more than 2 billion words with A+ accuracy in over 120 languages. When quality and precision matter and for any of the solutions suggested above, please contact us for a free quote. We look forward to serving you.

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