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Welcome to May! May comes from the Latin Maius. The goddess Maia embodied growth, both in nature and in business. So cheers to May, rife with expanding business opportunities in new communities and new global markets! It’s also the month when serious days are remembered and observed. Days such as:

Lost Sock Memorial Day
Frog Jumping Day
Dance Like a Chicken Day.

We all know that somewhere in the vast universe there is a pile of orphan socks lost forever. Unlike those unfortunate socks, translation errors can be avoided. Your communications don’t have to end up lost in a linguistic vacuum. As you’re about to see, translation errors run the gamut from confusing and unintelligible to nearly comprehensible. Let’s take a humorous stroll down “Mistranslation Lane”:

Strange rule but I guess it's time to "trow" the sink, the soap dispenser, the garbage can and paper towel dispenser into the toilet so we don't get into trouble.

I'm not sure what "civilized" refers to but I sure am going to try so I can enjoy fresh air!

Ah, let's assume this message is from a pet grooming service ... maybe?

Well then, where are the non-restaurants supposed to go?

Ok, at least it's consistent - every word of this sign is nonsensical.

Using a professional translation firm like Auerbach International will save you the headaches, frustrations and embarrassment of mistranslated communications.

You need professionally trained, degreed linguists to ensure your documents, websites, presentations and marketing materials are correct in word and meaning… which AI alone can’t achieve.

You require the assurance that your translated communications match the cultural nuances that your non-English speaking audience expects and deserves.

Using Auerbach International may not guarantee you new business but our expertise will ensure you don’t lose business due to avoidable translation errors. Get the words right. Get the meaning right. Get the win and dance like a chicken!

A final thought from Hall of Fame Yankee catcher Yogi Berra: “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”

Best ~

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Director of Client Success
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