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A very happy 4th of July Weekend to all!


With the pandemic slowly receding into our rear-view mirrors, it’s time to look forward and celebrate the birth of this Nation and the possibilities for better days ahead!  Better days that don’t include miscues like the following…

Fortunately, such laws don’t apply in the United States… do they?

Those Parks & Rec’s folks do a great job maintaining Jeffrey Dahmer Park.

The pandemic is over but I guess some of the rules are still in place.

How many wags of the tail before detonation?

If you don’t want your business opportunities to blow up, make sure that you use a professional language services firm for all your translation and interpreter needs.  Mistranslations may make funny city park or bakery signs but are a disaster when it comes to your organization.  Don’t trust your business to some free online tool or app.  Put our 30+ years of premium translation services to work for you in your documents, websites, videos and interpreter projects. At Auerbach International, we get your business communications right the first time, every time, guaranteed.

From the Auerbach International team, enjoy a safe and fun 4th of July!

Chris Hempel
Director of Client Success
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