auerbach intl blogWelcome to the May Friday Funnies!

It’s already May? 2022 is flying by with a third of the year in our rear view mirror! The economy is racing forward and businesses, like yours, are supercharged. May gives us so much to appreciate and celebrate. It’s a month notable not just as the gateway to summer but as a time when we recognize the best of life including:

National Lumpy Rug Day
National No Pants Day
National Odometer Day
National Lost Socks Memorial Day

Now, like the Kentucky Derby, it’s off to the Friday Funnies races!

No Memorial Day picnic is complete without it!




A fan favorite – at your local gastroenterologist’s office.











The beverage name foreshadows the outcome of consumption…





… and the snack name foreshadows the outcome of consumption.










Both an entree and a conversation piece!





Whether your Memorial Day festivities include unique menu items or tried and true favorites, a clear understanding of the ingredients is crucial to a successful event. The same is true for your organization. Clear and accurate communications with your non-English speaking customers is critical to the success of your business.

Think of Auerbach International as your essential cookbook, translating your communications so your customers are served the perfectly prepared business message. Whether for documents; websites; or interpretation in-person, via video or telephonically, Auerbach International has spent over 30 years ensuring our clients’ “cooking” is accurate in word and meaning.

Incorrect translations are “puke” and can “shred” your business’ reputation. Give us a call. Our team at Auerbach International is dedicated to making your communications smooth, error free and thoroughly digestible for your customers!



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