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Happy Friday!


The revelry of the holiday season has passed, Omicron is present and there’s hope that the weeks ahead will bring about the passing of this Covid spike and a return to normalcy.

Fortunately, there are always silly translation missteps to give us a few chuckles even during a pandemic. So, without further adieu, I present to you the 2022 inaugural edition of Friday Funnies!

Auerbach-postWell, that’s one way to get teenagers off the computer and to help with chores.




“Yes, kids, after helping with the laundry, make sure you brush your eyes to remove those images you just watched.”




Auerbach-post“Here is lunch money, but you have to go to “Our Food” because…”




Auerbach-post“The last time I gave you money you made a questionable restaurant choice…”




Auerbach-post“And you ordered THIS!!!”





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