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The days are getting shorter and the fall breeze is cool. Hillsides are ablaze with colorful leaves. October is here and the delightful spookiness of Halloween is fast approaching. October is dominated by All Hallow’s Eve but it’s also a month filled with many celebratory days such as:

National Cheese Curd Day
International Day for Failure
Be Bald and Be Free Day.

Whether it’s Loud Shirt Day or Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day, the calendar is chock full of interesting, funny and peculiar days. Unlike an inaccurately translated document, these observances pass quickly. Mistranslated documents are a permanent record that can linger and damage your business for days, weeks, months and even years.

Today is English Language Day. English may be the language used at your organization but 83% of people around the world need your documents, marketing materials, manuals, website, videos and customer service contacts either translated or interpreted into their language. Let’s take a look at some organizations that used less than professional translation services and have a laugh over these Friday Funnies…

Ah... ok?

About what? To leave? To stay?

So that's what the warning is supposed to be?

Now this is starting to make sense... not really.

These signs are all fun, especially when grouped together. They’re nonsensical, laughter-inducing and totally harmless. The same cannot be said for mistranslated content from an amateur translator or AI. If your organization has a professional linguist who has a Master’s or equivalent degree and has been employed as a translator or interpreter for at least 10 years as ours are, you likely have your translation needs covered… for maybe one or two languages. But if you don’t have that professional on board or require any number up to 120 languages translated AND culturally adapted for foreign markets, look no further than Auerbach International.

Don’t be haunted by translation mistakes. The ghostly errors committed by amateur linguists will live on like a zombie apocalypse, roaming the globe for a business eternity. Invest in the quality and professionalism that only a firm with more than 3 decades of A+ service and performance can provide. Bring your language project to us. Your organization demands the best so don’t settle for less!

Just email us or give us a call. Your translation nightmares will vanish like Halloween candy in a 7-year-old’s hand. Best ~
A final thought: “The ability to speak several languages is an asset. The ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless.”

Best ~

Chris Hempel
Director of Client Success
phone 415-592-0042 X125
mobile 818-445-4451

“3 Decades. 2 Billion Words. A+ Accuracy. Superior Translation Services.”

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