Quoting Projects:
What a Language Agency Needs to Know  



  • Translation is writing from one language to another.

  • Interpreting is speaking such as in meetings and conferences. As an oral process, interpreting is usually face-to-face but also can be done over the phone or by video.

FYI, Chinese is written either in Simplified characters for China or Traditional characters for Taiwan, Hong Kong and the US. Its spoken dialects include Mandarin, Cantonese and 500 more.

If you are requesting a quote for TRANSLATING, as much as possible please let us know:

WHICH languages (and dialects) you need. If you are not sure, please tell us which country your audience is from. Knowing needed dialects such as Argentine Spanish or Egyptian Arabic is essential
to source the right interpreter. If you don’t know the dialect, just please tell us the language.

WHAT the subject of your event is. It is essential to source interpreters specialized in your subject terminology to ensure an accurate rendering and smooth communication.

WHEN your interpreting event is scheduled. Dates are very important. The sooner you book your event, the better. Great interpreters are rare and they are very busy. The earlier you book them, the
better chance we have for finding the best qualified professionals suitable for your event.

HOW LONG your event will last. Is it over one week or a few hours?

WHERE your event will take place. Location is very important. It is easier to find excellent interpreters in San Francisco then in Loveland, Ohio. We always try to find interpreters as close as possible to your
event city so they do not have to be imported from far away.

Special needs – Will you require any interpreting equipment such as microphones, headsets or interpreting booths?

In general, interpreting happens onsite at your selected location. Interpreting can be simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, over the phone or by video – depending on your needs. Not sure what you need? Please provide us as many details as possible and we’ll suggest the best interpreting solution for you.