If your message remains in English, you are reaching only around 27% of the world audience. To target the other 73%, you need to put your message in other languages.

Book Translations

As a global outreach firm, Auerbach International wants to help you magnify your personal or corporate impact on the world — or at least parts of it.  We will announce early next year an alliance with expert partner firms to get your printed books or e-books written (or ghost-written), published, launched, marketed and promoted via social media.

For now, if your book is already written or almost complete, we can translate it into the top 20 world languages. To maintain a low price per word, your subject must not be technical and we use qualified and tested but not professional translators. Click above for more information.

Website Localizations

Many people contact us asking, “How much does it cost to translate my website?” They often neglect to tell us which languages(s) they want, so that will be our first question back to them.

If your website is very simple, that’s an easy question to answer. But if it is complex with multiple tabs, graphics, videos and links to links, our second question to you will be to ask what parts you want done:

  • all your News articles dating back to 1905? If not, from which year?
  • all your product pages or just some that are relevant to each country market?
  • your videos? If so, with voice dubbing or subtitles?
  • What about the links to your PDF brochures or spec sheets? Do you want those translated also?

Many people also assume that they must localize (to use the proper term) their entire site. Maybe.

But you can also choose, for example, to do your home page, contact page and only key product pages.

Another option is one or two .doc pages describing your services and translated into many more languages.

Whatever your choice — the full site, abridged site or summary pages — we may also need to internationalize. This process ensures that:

  • your site contains no references to US sports or concepts that simply don’t communicate in other cultures.
  • your desired payment methods — such as for consumer-products sites — will work abroad. In some countries people pay mostly by cash, in others they pay through their mobile phone accounts, and some use credit cards that are not common at home.
  • your site contains no images that would offend or be inappropriate in the target market — such as for a shampoo website targeted to Thailand showing pictures of blond women. Thai women are not blond. And does your shampoo work for Asian hair also?

Whether for books, websites and even your CDs or videos, large non-English audiences can benefit from your knowledge or your product. When you are ready to spread it to the world, please contact us.