Quick! Cover the following lines with your hand, revealing just one line at a time.

Q: How do you describe a person who speaks three languages?

A: Trilingual.

QHow do describe a person who speaks two languages?

A: Bilingual.

Q: And what do you call a person who speaks one language?

A: An American.

[You may remove your hand now]

This old joke was truer 50 or 30 years ago than it is now. While many Americans can converse in other languages about food, weather, travel or shopping, very few speak other languages well on a business level. For example, how well can you discuss catalytic converters, computer motherboard circuitry or a myocardial ischemia … even in English?

Most Americans, who form most of our readers, would rather endure dental surgery than conjugate irregular verbs.

But as a professional language service, Auerbach International can empower you to speak to limited-English speakers without your having to learn their language. Through the methods below you can determine your prospects’ needs, seal a deal or just keep communication channels open.

As a reminder,

  • translating is written communication;
  • interpreting is spoken communication; and
  • localizing converts websites, software and mobile apps.

1. Quick Interpreting

Simply enter a toll-free number we will give you, insert your assigned PIN, and choose from a menu of 150 languages and dialects. Within seconds, you will be connected to a Telephonic Interpreter, enabling a three-way communication. You link your prospect as in a conference call. Then you say your words in English, let the interpreter interpret, and let your limited-English prospect understand in his or her language. Your prospect then speaks in her language, and the interpreter interprets back to you in English. Pretty amazing!

If your prospect is in your office or by your mobile phone, simply put the call on Speaker and you can converse in person. If your prospect is in another city or country, the three-way method works just a well.

The good news: This service is available 365/24/7 and costs only $1.85/minute regardless of language + a $15. or $30. flat monthly Admin charge. And you only pay for time used, even if your account has lain dormant for months.

The bad news: Telephonic interpreters will not know terms about tungsten alloys, venture financing or other technical subjects. They do, however, know healthcare and medical terminology. For most other industries, if needed, you can schedule a subject-specialist in advance.

Purpose: If your conversations are not technical and about general subjects or healthcare / medical issues, this method works excellently.

To activate your account, simply call us with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express number. We will charge any calls you make at the end of each month and then email you a usage summary. Again, no usage equals no charge.

2. Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

For technical or simple subjects, we can also arrange a live interpretation 24/7 through your laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone.

You download a quick link we will provide, and you can see the professionally trained interpreter who can be anywhere in the country or the world. This method is totally private and secure. And this security guarantee can apply to one computer or a whole network as in a Court system or for multiple corporate offices.

You can also use it with videos, exhibits, news, real-time text chat, webcasts, and more.

Whether for a testimony or a presentation, the method works the same way: the speaker speaks, the interpreter interprets, the speaker speaks again, and the interpreter interprets again.

Prices depend on language and duration. To obtain a quote, a full-service agency will need to know your:

  • desired language;
  • dialect (if any) such as Canadian French or Argentine Spanish; and
  • the date, time and subject of your session.

VRI is generally cheaper than on-site interpreting because you are not paying for the interpreter’s travel time, lunch hour or minimum rate.

3. On-site interpreting

This is the traditional method with a live person coming to your office or venue. A high-level language service will always seek to provide a qualified, professionally trained, simultaneous or consecutive interpreter near your city. But if one is not available, the VRI method is a great substitute. Please click here for the required information to give you a quote.


Lack of a common language is no longer a barrier to clear communication… or your success. Whatever your business, let your language service empower you to present your service, have a conversation, negotiate terms or finalize a contract.