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Most people, from presidents to press corps, are unaware that spoken communication is called interpreting while written communication is called translating.

Traditionally, when speakers of two different languages meet, they have needed a human interpreter to bridge the communications gap. Human interpreters are still critical in most situations, especially for technical conferences, business meetings, trials, and medical issues. And now interpreting can be done in-person or by Zoom, and normally charged by the hour.

But if you need to talk immediately to your non-English counterpart – such as a prospect or a client – we have another solution: OPI: Over-the-Phone Interpreting. Now you can use your phone to connect 365/24/7 to a human interpreter in over 100 languages and have a three-way conversation: You, the interpreter, your party; your party, the interpreter and you … all for cents per minute.

And if you need to talk with people who are deaf or with whom you have the same constant questions – such as for a hospital intake, a housing authority, a DMV, a hotel, the police, or an organization with many branch offices – a revolutionary solution called the ILA, the Instant Language Assistant, can speak and write your words simultaneously in over 120 languages.

Auerbach International continues to translate any kind of content – contracts, manuals, websites, videos and more – and interpret in person, remotely, by telephone or device —  from or into 120 languages. Please contact us for a free quote any time.

Two languages, however, we have never mastered and never will. Few people or devices can ever bridge the communications gap between Male and Female.

We look forward to expanding your other communications.

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