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As you’re aware, we at Auerbach International translate documents, videos, websites and software and have done so for 30 years. We pride ourselves on handling any request and, frankly, some are pretty unique.

Have you ever heard of Inuktitut? It’s a native Inuit language in Alaska and the Yukon. After getting a request for Inuktitut, our extensive network of degreed professional linguists led us to a translation team in … where else? Maine!

And did you know that Twi, a language of Liberia, has two written dialects, one for Eastern and one for Western? We had to ask our client which version he wanted.

AssyrianDariPashtoUrduTongan and Samoan not exactly rolling off your tongue or word processor?  No worries. We regularly handle projects in those languages and 120 others.

If your translation projects feature languages that are common or rare, bring them to us and we’ll complete them perfectly and rapidly, guaranteed.

For a free quote, please send your files to our quote service or call us at 415.592.0042 to discuss your unique — or not so unique — translation needs.

We look forward to serving you.

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