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The New Year has arrived and with it the promise of great opportunities ahead! It’s a month that brings gradually longer, if colder, days. We begin the month by ringing in the new year and then honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 15th. January is filled with many special days to recognize, though maybe not with the revelry of the Holiday Season. Even if you practice a Dry January you’ll undoubtedly wrap your emotional arms around Swiss Cheese Day, Dimpled Chad Day and …

National English Toffee Day
National Marzipan Day
National Pothole Day.

January reignites the gears of industry. Days can become overwhelming with an acceleration of planning, presentations and budgeting. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of activity and unintentionally farm out translation projects to a modestly qualified family friend or employees who are “fluent” in the required translation language. Next thing you know, you’ll end up with well-intended but terribly inaccurate projects that will have a negative impact on your organization’s finances and its reputation. The following examples show how good intentions don’t always fulfill their promise:

There's clearly a very, very bumpy ride ahead!

Now exactly how can I be aware of that which I can't see?

Who would have thought that nudity was the best vaccination of all?

Get close to who?

I'll leave this to your imagination!

As we visit these examples of polyglot foibles, we can smile at their humorously innocent effects. Not so if your translation projects are even marginally inaccurate. Even the smallest mistakes in translations, often from incorrectly localized copy, can completely change the meaning of the message. What was a congratulatory correspondence to a valued vendor could become an off-color insult. That contract with terms of payment could be mistranslated and lead to a disastrously underpriced quote. Never trade your company’s reputation or financial health for a discount language service firm. Your company deserves the highest quality, professional translation partner. One that has more than 30 years of A+ personalized service. At Auerbach International, we base our reputation on providing the highest quality projects in over 120 languages and dialects. Let us take care of all your language service needs, written or spoken, in 2024!

A final thought from Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Happy holidays ~

Best ~

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