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Virtually all US enterprises have a website in English. But few have enhanced their multicultural and global marketing footprint by providing non-English options on their websites.

According to CSA Research (the leading research firm focused on the global content and language services markets), March 2020:

  • When comparing similar products, 66% of survey respondents will choose the product presented in their own language. For those least conversant in English, the choice is approximately 85%.
  • 75% of respondents say that they’re more likely to purchase the same brand again if customer service is in their language.
  • Almost 42 million US Latinxs speak Spanish at home but only a small percentage of the 2,800 major brand websites examined have a Spanish version.

Is your organization missing the opportunity to connect with an enormous, underserved market because your website isn’t multilingual?

Real Considerations for a Language-Enhanced Website

The hardest part of translating a website is not the translation, which is fast and easy. The most challenging part is for you to determine which sections of your site you want linguistically enhanced: Only the body of the site? All your products or just some? Your videos? Press releases going back a decade? All PDF’s?

These important decisions could benefit from our insight. Auerbach International, with 30 years of expertise in global communications, routinely advises our clients on cultural adaptation issues such as modifying dates, times, numbers, currency, colors, images, name fields, and a multitude of localized nuances that will make your site “click” with your expanding audience.

Other Key Considerations

  • What if a prospect writes to you in another language? We can translate the message into English and your response into that language.
  • What if non-English speakers call you or you want to talk to them? You can benefit from our Over-the-Phone Interpreting solution that lets you communicate 24/7 in 100+ languages.
  • Is your website encoded with UNICODE UTF-8? If it’s built on HTML5, it is and therefore can be programmed in additional languages. It’s likely your site is compliant, 95% of US sites are. But it’s important to confirm this before you update your website with new language enhancements. We can advise your webmaster on that.

If your organization sees opportunities outside your current English-speaking market, if you recognize that an enhanced-language website upgrade is essential to move forward, let’s talk. We can help you reach your goals in 120+ languages to help grow your success. Give us a call or drop us a line.

Meanwhile, please check out the study done by CSA Research, I know you’ll find it compelling and useful.


Philip Auerbach

President & Founder

Auerbach International

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