auerbach intl blogWelcome, once again, to this month’s edition of Friday Funnies!

Before we commence with the revelry of comic translation blunders, let’s take a moment to consider the tragic invasion and senseless war against the people of Ukraine by Russian forces. Politics aside, we all hope for a quick resolution of this disastrous event and an end to the military strikes that continue to take the lives of innocent civilians, many of whom are children.

If you wish to support the humanitarian efforts of the United Nations in Ukraine, you can do so here – UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.


And, now, time for some much needed levity…

If there was water rationing, would the instructions be 6 flushes?





That’s right, let the trained, professional police do the littering.





They don’t suffer the well-behaved at that pool!





Finally, Quasimodo gets a little respect.






Brings a new meaning to “Public Toilets”.





Whether your translated message is as simple as pool regulations or street crossings, communicating it accurately is vital to both your intended audience and to the reputation of your organization. While these examples of translation faux pas are innocent enough, most business translation mistakes lead to expensive and embarrassing outcomes.

At Auerbach International, we’ve focused our Hyper-Professional, Customer-Service-First translation skills on projects large and small for over three decades. Language services may seem like an afterthought for your projects, but to your customers and business partners, the translation or interpretation they receive is their FIRST – and possibly LAST – impression of your organization.

Auerbach takes the risk out of your multilingual communications with clear, accurate and localized translations for all your business needs: first time, every time.

Auerbach International. Your first partner in accurate communications.

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