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August is named for Augustus Caesar, the first Emperor of Rome and the grandnephew of Julius Caesar – the Roman statesman. August is one of only two months named after leaders of the ancient Roman world. July (named for Julius Caesar) is the other. Like the Eternal City of Rome, the month of August is filled with historically significant observances. There’s little doubt that you’ve embraced one of these timeless celebrations:

National Sea Serpent Day
National Tarantula Appreciation Day
National Lazy Day
National Tattoo Removal Day

August days fly by like words on a computer screen. Everything seems past deadline. So much so that you end up using a do-it-yourself, free translation site. You speed through one project and move on to the next unaware that the free site you used to translate a crucial contract from English into Simplified Chinese turned “Software License fee is $17US per seat” into “Speckled Lion free at $17US pear chair“. That’s almost as bad as missing French fries on National Potato Day!

You can take some comfort in knowing that yours wasn’t the only mistranslated message out there. Let’s take a dive into the bottomless pit of translation faux pas with this month’s Friday Funnies!

No romping? That's severe punishment for missing National Potato Day.

First there's no romping on potatoes, and now it's forced vomiting?

Make up your mind! Lounge? Vomit? Potato romping? Now, we're rice-flour noodles who've been banished to the out of doors?

Sadly, this could be the traffic sign in my neighborhood.

Whether it’s being called a “rice-flour noodle” or asking your newest client to sign up for $17US speckled Lions on a pear chairs, unintended translation mistakes can be funny, occasionally charming but often disastrous deal breakers. The simple antidote for mistranslations is to enlist a professional translation firm like Auerbach International; with 30+ years of A+ service you can trust.

Auerbach International provides all the latest translation options. Whether you require professional AI translation, AI translation with human editing or full human translation with a dedicated manager to shepherd your critical project through all stages of the translation process, Auerbach International has over 2 billion translated words under our belts. You can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and with 100% accuracy. No uncomfortable lions on pear chairs!

Please email us or give us a 415-592-0042. We look forward to earning your trust and business!

A final thought: “Birthdays are good for you. Studies show that people who have the most of them live the longest.”

Best ~

Chris Hempel
Director of Client Success
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“3 Decades. 2 Billion Words. A+ Accuracy. Superior Translation Services.”

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