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Summer has arrived and for the first time in a couple years we can return to vacationing and gathering for picnics and parties. As we’re all aware, June is National Accordion Awareness Month, a time to bring out those Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren albums. Many of us will also celebrate other special June days such as:

Flip a Coin Day
National Olive Day
World Juggling Day
National Onion Ring Day
National Typewriters Day


Whichever days you celebrate, remember to get the meaning right. Mixing up National Onion Ring Day with National Wedding Ring Day could end up featuring a basket of breaded Allium cepa rather than a diamond encrusted platinum loop. Translation mistakes are even more common… so let the Friday Funnies begin!

“OF”? They even got the mistranslation wrong!!!







Who needs Siri or Alexa when you have this “smart” sign?






Again, “Into”??? Somebody needs to teach these people how to make correct mistranslations, especially when it comes to cliffs!






An inviting sign. It should be featured next to others that read “Nice Broken Limb” and “Nice Rug Burn.”




Every month we review the humorous foibles of amateurish translations. Don’t subject your organization to similar and sometimes disastrous translation errors. Make Auerbach International your safety net. We’ll translate all your needs, small or large, with the excellence that only 30+ years of continuous client service produces.

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